oem - IRiSfot L08 Anti-Shake Selfie Stick Tripod - Black

oem - IRiSfot L08 Anti-Shake Selfie Stick Tripod - Black

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Ο σταθεροποιητής Pan-tilt βρίσκει αυτόματα τη θέση ισορροπίας για να διασφαλίσει ότι το τηλέφωνο παραμένει σταθερό ενώ κινείται, ανεξάρτητα από το αν η οθόνη του τηλεφώνου είναι οριζόντια ή κάθετη. Άνετο στο χέρι, με δυνατότητα επέκτασης με 4 από τα τμήματα από κράμα αλουμινίου, το ABS + καουτσούκ σφιγκτήρας τηλεφώνου κρατά τη συσκευή πιο σταθερ, επιπλέον, βοηθά στην αντιολισθητική δράση των τριπόδων.

The handheld stabilizer uses an electronic accelerometer to ensure the balance of the selfie stick during motion and shaking, ensuring that the captured image and video are always clear. One touch to switch, It also can be stable at various angles. you can set any angle by clicking the rotate lock button and shoot or record video at these angles.
Designed with a wireless Bluetooth remote control, which is embedded in the device itself and it is detachable you can easily slide it out when you need to use it and fast connect. And also you can easily use the USB cable to recharge in full when it was out of battery. Environmental protection, say goodbye to the traditional old-style button batteries.
It is a great tool for most selfie enthusiasts or photo and video producers. No need to download the App to make the photography complicated.Suitable for parties, indoor and outdoor activites.
Compatible for Apple iPhone 11/X/Xr/XS Max/8/6s, Samsung Galaxy S10+/S10/S9/S9+/S8, Huawei P30 Pro.
You own the right of no reason to return the goods within 30 days, 180 days guarantee.
Product size :68.5 x 39.5 x 190mm
Colour: back,white
Packing size :57 x 87 x 208 mm
Weight 371g
Bluetooth version :4.0
Bluetooth distance: 10M
Battery: CR1632(CAN CHANGE)
RX Battery :450mha
Materials: ABS+Aluminium Alloy
Compatible:Android 4.3 and above; iOS 5.1 and above
support the size of the phone:4.0-6.2 inches
Packing Including
1x L08 Anti-Shake Selfie Stick Tripod

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