oem - IRiSfot 2.8x3m Photo Studio Background Support Stand Kit

oem - IRiSfot 2.8x3m Photo Studio Background Support Stand Kit

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Βάση στήριξης φόντων με βέργα και Light Stands
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The three cross bar sections allow for the stand to be set up in 140cm or full 300cm widths. The pieces of the crossbar have a "male" piece at one end and a "female" opening at the other end. You can easily connect them by inserting the male end and twisting.

Two tripod stands' legs are braced against the center pole when extended, ensuring that they won't collapse, and at any given point of extension, the legs are all equidistant from center. So the stands will always be level assuming a level ground. The feet are rubber to protect the floor and help to keep the stand from moving around.

The free carrying bag is well-constructed also, keeping each part from banging and scratching the other parts without additional wrapping.

Feature :

Adjustable working height:7.5m-2.8m 

Width is a cool 3 metres: adjustable 1.5-3.0m (Telescopic Crossbars)

High quality Aliminum Alloy 

Durable and lightweight 

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