Linkstar Universal Umbrella E27 Lamp Holder RH-01 [560063]

Linkstar Universal Umbrella E27 Lamp Holder RH-01 [560063]

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The Linkstar RH-01 Universal E27 Lamp Holder is suitable for mini flash units from the MS series and daylight lamps with an E27 socket. The lamp holder is equipped with a hole and clamping screw enabling you to mount a flash umbrella. The lamp holder mounts on to a standard light stand with a spigot adapter.

The RH-01 is equipped with an on/off button and has a 3.5m power cord.

To view compatible mini flash units, flash umbrellas, light stands and daylight lamps, please see the optional accessories tab below.


  • 1 x RH-01 Lamp Holder

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