Leinox White Umbrella Reflector SoftBox 101cm

Leinox White Umbrella Reflector SoftBox 101cm

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The umbrella softbox is ideal for portrait shots and small group shots. In product photography it is very popular as well. The white reflex layer ensures soft lighting and a high reflection capacity.

Due to the drawstring and zipper, you can fit the softbox exactly to the studio flash, which prevents a loss of light. That way the softbox is compatible with all commercially available studio flashes.

The workmanship of the umbrella is extremely high quality and it impresses with its classy look. Both the tip and the frame are made from metal which ensures higher stability and a longer lifetime. The metal shaft end is reinforced so it can be inserted into the reflector holder on the flash device more easily.


  • Ideal for portrait photography and small group shots as well as product photography
  • White reflex layer for soft illumination and high reflection capacity
  • Exact fit due to drawstring and zipper
  • Tip and frame made from metal
  • Reinforced shaft end made from metal
  • High-quality workmanship
  • Incl. bag

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