JJC RM-E9 Wireless Remote Control For Samsung

JJC RM-E9 Wireless Remote Control For Samsung

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JJC RM-E9 Wireless Remote Control is compatible with Samsung SRC-A3/A1/A5

The JJC RM-E9 remote control is designed as a replacement for the Samsung SRC-A3 infra-red remote control. Perfect for taking pictures of subjects that are difficult to approach, or to minimize vibration for close-ups and time exposure. The robust remote control supports a large number of features (releasing, zoom etc.) that may vary from camera model to camera model. More information can be found in your camera instruction manual. Power by a CR2025 button cell (supplied)

Compatible With:
Samsung EX1 TL1500 WB500 WB550 NV40 NV100HD NV24HD NV11 NV15 NV20 NV8 NV10 NV7 OPS NV30 replaces Samsung SRC-A3

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