GGS DSLR Monitor Protective Cover for Canon 550D

GGS DSLR Monitor Protective Cover for Canon 550D

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GGS 3rd Generation detachable monitor protective cover is a product protects DSLR LCD screen. With exclusive design, it matches the DSLR camera precisely.

Naturally match and integrate with original DSLR camera.

Over 90% light transmission and longer life span.

Made of optical glass materials with 8H surface hardness. Really wear-resistance  and anti-scratches.

With exclusive anti-explosion film but without affecting optical performance. Be able to bear about 12kg/cm²elastic pressure.

Improved with Anti-dust and anti-fog eyepiece (circular eyepiece except). LCD screen protector for the top or shoulder of special DSLR camera.

Effectively prevent dust or sidelight and ideal for image viewing at outdoor due to velvet around back edge of GGS LCD screen protective cover.

Durable and anti-aging.

 Original Plastic Protective Cover  GGS LCD ScreenProtective Cover

Wear-resistance and Anti-scratches test



Natural match and perfectly integrate with DSLR camera


  • Each GGS LCD screen protective cover is designed completely as per the structure and design of corresponding DSLR camera.
  • ABS frame is in classical matte black same as DSLR camera.
  • Tight integrate connection with DLSR camera without gap.
  • Natural match and nothing with non-original equipment

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