Digipod TR688V Video Tripod + Case

Digipod TR688V Video Tripod + Case

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  • 59.00€


  • This tripod is Light weight, sturdy and compact
  • Ergonomic controls for easy use in all conditions
  • 360°Pan control enables any shooting situation and tilts up and down
  • An internal bubble level will help you position the tripod evenly on uneven ground

Product specification: 

Model Number: TR-688V 
Sections: 3 
Material: Aluminum alloy 
Weight: 1.8kg (4lbs) 
Load capacity: 5kg (11lbs) 
Max height: 1710mm (67.3inch) 
Min height: 680mm (26.8inch) 
Max diameter of top al. pipe: 29.3mm (1.15inch) 

The Tripod is built very Durable and Sturdy designed to hold Heavy Duty Photography equipment including Professional Cameras and Camcorders. The rigid and light aluminum alloy legs ensure the excellent loading capacity and stability. A built-in fluid effect video head pans a full 360°, tilts up and down, and features independent pan and tilt locks for fixed-position shots. A pan bar and a snap-in quick-release camera plate are included. The quick-release plate features a 1/4" camera mounting screw, a registration pin, and an anti-skid mounting surface.

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