Digipod S-060 Mini Table Tripod

Digipod S-060 Mini Table Tripod

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Digipod S-060 Mini Tripod for Photographic Equipment with aluminum head

The mini tripod model S-060 from the Digipod brand is ideal for users looking for a product with quality finish, made of resistant ABS plastic material, with a ball head type system that allows you to regulate the direction in which you will use your equipment.

This Mini tripod can be used with cell phone holders, compact cameras, webcam and other equipment (not included) that have a female input of size 1/4”, since it is through the male pin of the tripod that the connection is made. Its structure is about 19cm long, being about 14cm when fully open. Its legs have a rubberized area to prevent falls during use.

The mini tripod S-060 weighs about 140 grams, can be used with equipment up to 1000 grams, with a lock so that the user can keep his device fixed during use, releasing this lock just to regulate the angle of his equipment.


Digipod S-060 Mini Tripod for Photographic Equipment Specification

Brand: Digipod

Model: S-060

Material / Composition: Resistant ABS plastic;

Measurements: Closed: 19cm | Open: 14cm;

Compatibility: Equipment with ? ”female thread up to 1kg 

Weight: 140 grams;

Included items: 1x Digipod S-060 mini table tripod.

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