Camgloss Photo Cleaning Kit

Camgloss Photo Cleaning Kit

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Πλήρες kit καθαρισμού για φωτογραφικό και βίντεο εξοπλισμό.
Χαρακτηριστικά για καθαρισμό και προστασία
Σημείο χρήσης Για την Μηχανή και τον Φακό
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Camgloss Photo Cleaning Kit - for professional cleaning of photo and video equipment


  • 50ml optical multi-cleaning fluid
  • Antistatic, microfibre cloth from Vileda Professional (Size: 18x20cm)
  • Silicone blower with a brush
  • 2 cleaning buds
  • 1 DUO cleaning wipe


A convenient case keeps the kit neat and ready to use.


Loose dirt, such as dust particles can be removed with the air blower and the detachable brush. Dirt particles are gently blown off the surface of the camera body or lens. Attach the brush to the blower for cleaning difficult corners.

In addition to the blower, the cleaning swabs remove dust from hard to reach places and recesses on the camera body or lens. The swabs can be gently cleaned with a mild detergent and then used again.

The multi-cleaner and the microfibre cloth are ideal for cleaning camera bodies, lenses and filters. Spray the multi-cleaner onto the microfibre cloth and wipe the surface, applying gentle pressure. The microfibre cloth is machine washable.

The screen cleaning wipes are ideal for cleaning the camera display. First clean the surface with the damp cloth, then finish with the dry cloth. 
Always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

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