MovingMic FreeLav - Ασύρματο μικρόφωνο Πέτου για κάμερες και Smartphones - FL1

MovingMic FreeLav - Ασύρματο μικρόφωνο Πέτου για κάμερες και Smartphones - FL1

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Ψηφιακό ασύρματο set πέτου για κάμερα και smartphones με 1 πομπό και 1 δέκτη
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Modulation mode: FSK
Frequency band: UHF 572MHz ~ 585MHz
Frequency response: 50Hz ~ 1600Hz
Signal / Noise: 80dB or more Distortion: 0.9 % or less (32Q, 1 Khz, 65mW output)
RF output level: 8mW
Earphone output level: 32Ω, 65mW
Reception sensitivity: When input 10dBu,
S / N is more than 45dB
Audio input / output connector: 3.5mm audio connector
Optimum range : 80m
Power requirements: 3V DC (two AA size batteries)
Consumption power: Transmitter: - 3V: 110mA Receiver: - 3V: 150mA Battery life: Transmitter: Approx. 10 hours Receiver: Approx. 7.5 hours
Dimensions: 80x65x21.5 (mm)
Weight: Transmitter: 80g (Without battery) Receiver: 80g (Without battery

Transmitter x 1
Receiver x 1
Lavalier microphone x 1
SLR audio adapter cable x 1
Phone audio adapter cable x 1
Hot shoe adapter x 1
Carry box x 1
User manual x 1

This is a lightweight, durable, high performance, battery-powered and portable microphone; it is suitable for DSLR cameras, home DVs, camcorders, smartphones, and professional recorders.

  • Low noise: using noise valve control technology, with polar noise floor performance.
  • Strong anti-interference ability: UHF wireless microphone dedicated frequency band design, do not interfere with other industrial frequencies.
  • Extra long working distance: UHF high frequency radio wave system makes the transmission distance reach 100 meters.
  • Volume memory: with volume memory can automatically remember the last set volume output level.
  • 16 Channel Professional audio technology: With professional audio compression-expansion technology, the noise is small. Large dynamic range, professional photography, video recording.
  • Standard shoe type link, 3.5mm output port, can directly fix you and connect to camera, SLR camera.
  • Power is through 2 AA batteries, can be used for 10 hours for the transmitter and 7.5 hours for the receiver (Battery life may change depending on distance and location during use)

** for Android mobile phones Will not be able to use all models ** If you want to use it, download the Open Camera program to be able to use it (go to setting - video setting - audio souse - choose external mic)

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