Akira Αλφάδι για Standard Hot Shoe

Akira Αλφάδι για Standard Hot Shoe

Προϊόντα από AKIRA

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 43522
  • 5.30€


Αλφάδι για SLR / Mirrorless μηχανές (εκτός Sony a /minolta) με κούμπομα στο hot shoe.

 2in1 Spirit Level Hot Shoe Protector is mountable and efficient design centering the bubble within a circle over your hot shoe. You can easily see whether the bubble is centered, and this level takes up much less space than a large acrylic block!


l          Slides into your hot shoe, remains unobtrusive

l          Innovative circular design takes up less space than blocky 2- or 3-axis levels

l          Rubberized surface for better handling

l          Easier to read than see-through levels

l          Slender design takes up very little space-- highly portable and efficient

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