AccPro Metal Studio Clamp with Spigot [ST-15]

AccPro Metal Studio Clamp with Spigot [ST-15]

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  • 6.90€


This powerful metal spring clamp with spigot adapter is an ideal aid in the studio and all round in use. It can hang a flash unit or backdrop cloth and prevents the backdrop cloth from unrolling. The clamp has a rubber coating to prevent damage. The spigot adapter is fixed and has a 1/4″ male thread

The spigot clamp provides a convenient solution to mount light-weighted accessories with spigot fitting. It can also be mounted on the edge of flat surfaces not more than 3cm thick. What’s more is the top of the spigot is designed with a 1/4″ screw thread which you can mount on an equipment such as a ballhead or camera.

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