AccPro Dual Ball Heads Magic Arm [ST-24]

AccPro Dual Ball Heads Magic Arm [ST-24]

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Αρθρωτός σύνδεσμος με δύο βιδωτές συνδέσεις 1/4 " 
Θήκη σφιγκτήρα για στερέωση σε δομές σωλήνων 
Βιδωτές υποδοχές: 1/4, 3/8 in. 
Μέγιστη κάλυψη: 40 mm

The swivel mount with two movable screws 1/4 ", with a degree of freedom of 180 ° each, the position of the bolts is fixed with a screw clamp on the mounting case.One screw, with a screwed-in pad, is used to connect the LCD monitor , a microphone, a video camera, a dictaphone, another screw is used to attach the clamp-holder (clamp) to the 1/4 "socket, it is included. Clamp firmly grasps and reliably holds photo accessories for example on rigs and other pipe structures. The holder allows you to cover pipes with a maximum diameter of 40 mm, all elements of both clamps and hinges consist of parts that are made of aluminum alloy and steel. 

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